CCTV Liaison

Protecting Holmethorpe Estate...

CCTV Liaison

The Holmethorpe CCTV scheme is not a guarantee of low crime in the area but it is a powerful tool that helps keep crime low and can be of great assistance in detecting and finding evidence from crime and other incidents on the Estate.

Sixteen years of work from HEA Committee Members went into establishing, maintaining & developing the system. For example when the system changed from analogue to digital cameras.

The HEA originally organised a fundraising exercise which resulted in a contribution of £40,000 by Holmethorpe businesses. This represented one-third of the total cost of the project, some £120,000. A further contribution of £5,000 followed more recently towards the cost of the new CCTV cameras on Ormside Way - the 'Relief' Road under the new bridge into Holmethorpe Industrial Estate.

We liaise with local CCTV Monitoring station and receive reports on a monthly basis. We will continue to take an active interest in CCTV Equipment, signage and will liase with the  local police, maintains sightlines through our maintenance regimes and try to ensure lighting makes the cameras more effective.

HEA Committee Members believe that CCTV is an important deterrent to crime and misdemeanors occuring around our businesses.

We ask all members to help us in being vigilant, and to take care that all cameras near your properties are not obstructed.