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Calling all Holmethorpe businesses

With the growing concerns that the Council will further reduce CCTV coverage and monitoring, we are asking all Holmethorpe businesses to get involved and join HEA.

What we are most concerned about: CCTV
CCTV cameras on the estate and cabling back to the Monitoring Station were substantially funded 15 years ago by the Holmethorpe Estate Association together with the Council. 
CCTV is a deterrent – and something all businesses should be keen to keep - and improve! 
CCTV can provide useful information to the police and individual companies.

Why we are concerned:
The cameras are old technology and do not always produce useable data. 
The Council is already reducing their funding and we have lost one camera due to the building of new units
off Trowers Way. 
We are concerned that the Council will further reduce camera coverage and monitoring.

What are we doing now:
Planning what CCTV systems we could install as an alternative to keep our businesses safe and secure. 
Asking ALL Holmethorpe businesses to get involved – join HEA! 
All Holmethorpe businesses already benefit from the work we do – so why not help us improve our services and create a bigger, better network. 
HEA Committee is working hard to help our business community stay united and help each other. 
Once we have systems to recommend we will stage an event to present our proposals to you all.

Calling all Holmethorpe businesses!
Every business on the estate benefits from the (voluntary) work the committee do – if you are not already a member, please join us and help us keep this estate one of the safest and most secure around. 

The other things that we do to keep Holmethorpe safe and sound:
A reminder about what HEA already does for businesses on the Holmethorpe Industrial Estate:

  • CCTV liaison
  • Landscaping and maintenance (particularly tree work to keep camera sight lines clear and weed control)
  • Signage
  • Road gritting and clearance in icy or snowy weather
  • Manage the Trowers Way Car Park

Calling all Holmethorpe Businesses flyer

Holmethorpe Estate Association membership form 2015

Welcome letter and membership costs 2015