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Snow ploughs in action over the weekend!

Thanks to Robert McIntyre for making sure that our roads were passable this morning!

HEA Committee Chairman had discovered that RBBC Gritting Plan does not include the roads on Holmethorpe Estate despite the fact that a bus route uses Trowers Way. Residents from around the area as well as on the new Watercolour Estate, use our roads to access the surgery, pharmacy and other businesses.

The following are on the Watercolour Estate:

  • Doctors surgery
  • Pharmacy
  • Vets practice
  • Retirement home
  • Tesco Express

Holmethorpe Roads are therefore used by (Council Tax-paying) Residents of the surrounding area, as well as the residents of Watercolour.

There is also currently construction traffic using our roads to Access Watercolour’s final phase of building.

Whilst HEA Committee have this weekend worked to get the roads cleared (and paid for this service), we are asking the council to please consider these matters and put Holmethorpe roads on the gritting plan.